一、飞机篇 售票点预订机票“I want to book a ticket from Penang to Chiang Mai, Thailand for Tomorrow.”我想订一张明天从槟城飞泰国清迈的票子。“ No direct flight is available, Mme. You can either transfer from Bangkok or from KL.”没有直飞的,您可以选择从曼谷转或是从吉隆坡转。“ Then from KL. ” 那就从吉隆坡转吧。“441 Ringgit, taxes included. But luggage fee not included since you’re departing within 24 hours.”441林吉特一共含税。 但是行李费不包括在内,因为你订的是24小时内的票。“How much is that?” 那行李费是多少啊?“Sorry, your credit card is refused, do you have another card?” 不好意思您的信用卡被拒了, 您还有其他的卡吗?“Not possible! What’s wrong?”怎么可能?怎么回事呢?旅游小贴士:出国时账户里应准备足够多的美金,因为只有银联标志的ATM机才能取人民币。


在机场 ―――换登机牌:Your passport and your e-ticket (paper-ticket), please! 请出示您的护照和电子机票。(我们通常都是网上订票打印出来的电子票叫electronic ticket or paper ticket).How many pieces of baggage/ luggage do you have? 你有几件行李?I have a huge suitcase, a carry-on bag and a Rucksack(小背包). 我有一个大箱子,一个手提拧包和一个背包。Are you checking the backpack or carrying on? –你的背包要托运吗?How much is the excess baggage charge? 超额行李费多少钱?Can I change my aisle seat to window seat? 我能把靠走廊的位置换到靠窗位吗?Here's your boarding pass. 请拿好您的登机牌。(上有座位号和登机信息)After the security check, board your flight at gate B17, please!通过安检后请在B17登机口登机!I have to transit from Kuala Lumpur. 我得在吉隆坡转机。The flight is never on time these days because of the rainstorm in KL, it’s delayed an hour again! 这些天有于吉隆坡暴雨,飞机总不准时。这下又晚点1个小时了!过安检:————–Please put your lap-top and all electronic things in this tray! 请把背包的笔记本和电子产品拿出来放在这个托盘里。 Do you have lighters/ water in your bag? Sorry, it’s not allowed, we have to confiscate it or you can go back and have it checked in. 你包里有打火机、水吗?对不起,不允许,我们要没收或者你可以托运。Do you have anything to declare? 你有什么需要申报吗?

No, it’s all personal stuffs and cosmetics. 没有, 这些都是私人物品和化妆品。Passengers of flight D2057, now on board please. 请航班D2057的乘客登机。Welcome on board! Your boarding pass please! This way please! 欢迎登机,请出示您的登机牌,请这边走!飞机上:—————–Please fasten the seat belt and switch off your mobile phone and all electronics.大家系好安全带,关闭所有手机及电子产品。Please fill in this disembarkation/landing card.请你填写这张入境卡(或者叫immigration form入境表格)

Excuse me, where is the baggage claim? 请问行李领取处在哪儿?My baggage didn't come out; can you put a trace on it? 我的行李没有出来,能帮我查一下吗?

兑换钱币:—————“Hi, can I help you, Mme? 有什么可以帮您“I wanna change some US dollars into Ringgit.” 我要用美金换点马来西亚林吉特“ How much do you want to change?” 你要换多少“250 US dollars, what’s the exchanging rate today?” 250美金,兑换率多少啊?“It’s one US dollars to three point three five (3.35) ringgit, 250 dollars, um, 837.5 ringgit, how would you like your money?” 1美金兑3.35林吉特; 250美金,就是。。。837.5林吉特。钱币要百元的还是小额的?“In hundreds.” 百元的 ――― “Here you go!” 好的

My mobile is running low, (手机快没电了),My mobile is running out of power(手机没电了),

where can I charge it? 请问哪里可以充电?Oh, my god, I don't have the adaptor with me, where can I buy one? 电源转换器没带,哪儿有卖呢?

不正常航班服务通知:————-〔由____ ①备降本站〕⑩乘坐〔补班〕⑩____②次航班前往____ ①的旅客请注意:请您到〈1.服务台2.餐厅〉凭〈1.登机牌2.飞机票〉领取〈1.餐券2.餐盒3.饮料、点心〉谢谢!Passengers for 〔supplementary〕⑩ flight ____② 〔alternated from____ ①〕⑩to ____ ①, attention please:Please go to 〈1.servce counter 2. restaurant〉(11)to get 〈1.a meal coupon 2.a meal box 3.the refreshments〉(11)and show your 〈1.boarding passes 2. Air-tickets〉(11)for identification.机上广播:————————-

女士们,先生们: 欢迎你乘坐XX航空公司航班XX_____前往_____(中途降落_____)。有_____至____的飞行距离是_______,预计空中飞行时间是________小时_______分。飞行高度______米,飞行速度平均每小时_______公里。 为了保障飞机导航几通讯系统的正常工作,在飞机起飞和下降过程中请不要使用手提式电脑,在整个航程中请不要使用手提电话,遥控玩具,电子游戏机,激光唱机和电音频接收机等电子设备。 飞机很快就要起飞了,现在有客舱乘务员进行安全检查。请您坐好,系好安全带,收起座椅靠悲和小桌板。请您确认您的手提物品是否妥善安放在头顶上方的行李价内或座椅下发。(本次航班全程禁烟,在飞行途中请不要吸烟。) Good morning (afternoon, evening), Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome aboard XX Airlines flight XX______to______(via______) The distance between______and_______is______kilometers. Our flight will take ________ hours and_______minutes. We will be flying at an altitude of________meters and the average speed is_______ kilometers per hour. In order to ensure the normal operation of aircraft navigation and communication systems, passengers are toys, and other electronic devices throughout the flight and the laptop computers are not allowed using during take-off and landing. We will take off immediately, please be seated, fasten your seat belt, and make sure your seat back is straight up, your tray table is closed and your carry-on items are securely stowed in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. (This is a non-smoking flight; please do not smoke on board.) The (chief) purser _________with all your crewmembers will be sincerely at your service. We hope you enjoy the flight!

二、火车篇Excuse me, where is the International Tourist Bureau? 请问国际旅行局售票中心怎么走?( 问路一定要问三个,最好是火车站工作人员,否则一定会有人带你去假冒的地方)。Excuse me, can I have a booking /cancellation form please. 请给我一张订票/ 退票表格。I wanna go to Agra from Delhi tomorrow, is there any train available? 我要从德里到阿格拉,明天有票吗?What’s the train number? 请问这趟车火车号是什么?What’s the departure/arriving time? 出发和到达时间是几点?It’s a direct train, only takes 2 hours and a half. 这是直达车,只要两个半小时。Which platform does the train leave from? 从哪个站台发车呢?Sorry, sir, I’m afraid you’re sitting on my seat. 你坐了我的座I wanna go to Varanasi, would you please remind me when I get there? 我要去瓦拉纳西,我到了能提醒我一下吗?印度火车没有报站,到站了自己下车,怎么知道哪是哪呢?跟身边人讲一声大家就都会来帮忙了。


口语更多讲究的是交流,只要你说出来的话让别人听明白了,甭管语法正确否,发音漂亮否,只要清楚,达到目的就算成功。Take me to Kalkaj please! 请载我到 Kalkaj.How much is that? Let’s run the meter! 多少钱?我们打表计价吧!How long it gonna take? 大概多久能到? An hour if there’s no traffic. 不堵的话一个小时。Oh, my God, you don’t have to drive that fast! I’m not in a hurry! 大哥!你没必要开这么快吧,我不赶时间!You need to hurry up! Or I gonna miss my train! 你得快点儿,不然我要错过火车了!Can you drop me off at the gate? 你能在门口把我撂下吗?Is there any way around the traffic? 有路可以避开?Can you go to the fastest way? 请你走最快的路!Can I stop over at the stall? I wanna buy a samosa! 你在这个摊子前停一下,我要买个三角饺子(印度有名的小吃,油炸的,口味一般)吃。


"How much is this?" 这个多少钱 — "600 rupees." 600卢比 "That expensive? Cheaper?"这么贵? 便宜点儿! "what's the lowest price?"最低啥价啊?"This is the lowest price!" 这就是最低价。佯装不感兴趣,准备离开“What's the highest you can pay?"你最高出什么价“Not possible, we’re losing money with that price,you get what you pay for!” 不可能,要赔钱了, 一分价钱一分货“You’re not possible to lose money, I know what this is worth. 200 tops.” 你不可能赔的,我知道这个价值,200最多“No, it cost me more than that, 350.” 进都进不来,350“It’s still too high for me,you know I’m sincere to buy this” 还是太贵,我老诚心买的“I appreciate your sincerity, I give you 300, last price, take it or leave it.” 谢谢你这么诚心,给你300,最后价,买不买随你“ Then I have to leave that, I can’t pay that much.” 那我只好不买,太贵“OK, OK, 250, the lowest we can go. I make you happy, you make me happy.” 好,250, 吐血价了。让你开心,也让一步。“250 is a very bad number in Chinese, I’ll give you 208, this is a number of bless.” 250中文不吉利。208,吉利啊!”248 is also a good number in Chinese” 老板娘还有点中国文化的底子。“ No, 208,I’ll introduce your store to many friends and you can earn a lot.” 我介绍朋友过来“ We’re losing money on this, come again next time, and don’t tell your friends you bought them with this price, you are a smart buyer!”下次再来哦, 别告诉你朋友你用这个价格买的哦。你真能砍!“You’re a smart seller! Thanks, c ya!” 你也不差。我这样砍价很费时但真锻炼口才,感兴趣不嫌麻烦的朋友都来实践实践。因为在印度一般可以砍掉一半,而我的原则是2/3.

在纪念品商店:Could you please tell me where I can find a souvenir shop? 请问哪里可以找到纪念品商店吗?

What do you want to buy? 你想买啥呢?Just something very India, you know, Sari, shawls and something like that.就是非常特色的,像纱丽啊,披肩之类的。Hi, I wanna buy some souvenirs for my friends and parents. 你好,我想给朋友和爸妈带点纪念品。Are you interested in our homemade chocolate? 你喜欢我们自制的巧克力吗?Perhaps your friends would like these leather crafts. 你的朋友也许喜欢我们的皮制品。I’d like to buy some fridge magnet and key rings. 我要买些冰箱贴和钥匙扣。What is it made of? 这是啥材料做的啊?It’s made from classic dark wood with hand carvings. They are all hand made in the workshop behind our shop, I can show you around. 这都是深色木头纯手工制作的,我们的作坊就在商店后面,我可以带您参观一下。Can you pack these separately for me?你能给我包一下吗?分开包。No, nothing else, please pack for me, I’m in a hurry. 不要其他的了,麻烦快一点我赶时间。The price is marked on the back. 价格都在后面。Sorry, we sell at fixed price. 不好意思,我们这里不讲价。 (we sell at sticker price标牌价多少就是多少。)

六、住店篇订酒店1. Hi, I wanna book a single room with hot water bath for three nights from March the third to March fifth.

我想订一间单人房,带热水,3个晚上。2. We only have a single room for tonight, but we can change you to a double room tomorrow.单人房我们只有一个晚上,明天可以给您换到双人房。3. Would you like breakfast? 要带早餐吗? 4. Free internet access? 上网免费吗?5. I'd like a quiet room away from the street please. 我们不要靠马路的房间。6. Do you provide free pick-up service? 你们提供免费接站吗?7. Yes, Our Free Pick up service starts at 6:00Am and Stops at 4:00PM. Free Pick-up service from Varanasi Junction Train Stations only. 我们的免费接站时间是早上6点到下午四点,瓦拉纳西junction火车站。8. If you come by plane, our pick-up fee is 200 Rs and please find our driver at Arrival Exit with your name on our sign, ONLY IF you have given us IN WRITING, your Last Name and CORRECT Airline and Flight Number with Date/Time of Arrival.如果要接机的话是200卢比。 您必须写信告知正确的姓名,航班号和到达的时间和日期, 我们的司机会拿着写有您名字的牌子在到大出口等待。standard room 标准房 single room 单人房 double room 双人房(一张床) twin room 双人房 (两张床)triple room 三人房 suit 套房 deluxe suite 豪华套房 presidential suite 总统套房garden view room 园景房 sea view room 海景房 superior sea view room高级海景房deluxe sea view room 豪华海景房

cancel the reservation 取消预订 modify the booking 修改预订

已经网上订好直接入住:1. Hi, I booked a single room here through the internet. 你好,我在网上订了你们一间单人房 2. Your paper reservation please. 打印的单子给我看下3. ah, yes, Mr. Dingding? Would you please fill the form? 哦,丁丁先生吗? 请填一下这张表格4. Your passport please? 您的护照 5. Here is your key card. 这是您的房卡6. Our check out time is 12 o'clock in the noon. 我们退房的时间是中午12点。

Can I check the room first? 我想先看看房。 We booked a double room. 我们订了一个双人房。

No, this room is too small, do you have another room availale? 有其他房间吗?没有又实在想住下那就砍价。

How much is this room for two people? This price is too high for such a birdcage. 两个人多少钱? 不行,这个鸟笼不值

2. 价格坎不下来就走人。 如果说好了价格事后加价的。 This is ridiculous! 这太荒唐了 This is totally unacceptable! 这完全不能接受 We agreed on the price already, I wouldn't raise the price. 我们事前谈好了价钱,我不可能加价的。 You know what, take this money and go away or I'll call the police. 拿着这个钱离开,否则我会报警。

4. 他如果讽刺你的英文—-如果是真的, 那么他说的是真话。最好的办法就是现在开始学,以后就不会有类此情况,不是所有人都会积口德的。 如果不是真的,

oh, you're laughing at my English? Like the pot calls the kettle black? 你这鸟样子还笑话我? 五十步笑百步?

5. 如果有人恶语攻击,告诉他, Dogs bite around, we human being don't have to bark back. 狗狗到处咬人, 人不用咬回去。 You use the mouth to eat? It stinks. 你那张嘴是用来吃饭的吗?怎么这么臭?

七、问路/咨询篇Where can I find the nearest railway station? 请问最近的火车站在哪里?Can you tell me how to get to the nearest metro station? 请问最近的地铁站在哪里?但我建议在国外问路要一次至少问两个,方向一致说明人没有忽悠你。然后每走几百米再问两个。这样就不用一次消化下面这么多东西了。1. Take the one-way street. 走这条单行道. Walk straight along this one-way street. 沿着这条单行道直走。2. You will stay on the street for a while until you hit the first traffic light.你会走一会儿, 直到你遇到第一个红绿灯.Stay for a while 通常指五到十分钟的时间, 不会太久. 遇见某样东西, 可以用 hit 这个字, 如 hit the traffic light, hit the stop sign 等等. 3. Then take a left.向左转.向左转可以说成 turn left, take a left 或是 Make a left. 有时光讲 take a left 不明确, 你可以加上路名, 明确地告诉人家要转哪一条路, 例如 Take a left into Century Avenue(世纪大道).4. It will be Century Ave. It's two-lane traffic. 那就会是世纪大道, 它是一条双线道.5. Come down Century Avenue,you will see a gas station on your left. 在你的左手边你会看到一个加油站.6. Keep going 50 yards before you come to a fork road. 继续走 50 码, 直到你走到一个三叉路口.继续往下走可以用 keep going 这个字, 或是 continue straight 或是 keep straight 也很常用. Fork road 就是我们说的三叉路口. 那如果是丁字路口要怎么说? 你可以说,

This road will dead end into 10th Street. 就可以表达出丁字路口的意思了.8. Make a right, pass two stop signs and you will run into a Wal Mart.向右转, 经过二个 Stop sign, 你就会遇到 You'll run into it! 意思就是, 我会遇到的. 也可以这么说, You can't miss it! 就是说, 你绝不会错过的.9. The post office is just right across the street of it. 邮局就在 Wal Mart 的正对面."right" across 表示出 "正" 对面的意思. 还有一个很常用的就是在什么什么的旁边, 这个要用 The office is next to it. It 代表之前已经提过的 Wal Mart, 如果之前没有提及, 这里也可以直接说成, across the street of Wal Mart.10. The metro station is behind the post office.

咨询:Excuse me, we are here to get some information about the tourist attractions in Delhi. 你好,来咨询一下有哪些旅游景点。We are here to get a free map. 你好,我们来拿一张免费地图。Tomorrow is the National Day, do you have any celebrations for it? 明天是国庆节,你们有什么庆祝活动吗?There will be a parade going on at 2 o’clock in the afternoon from Connaught Place to Chandni Chow. 明天下午两点从康诺特广场到月光集市有一个大游行。 Any other activities? 还有其他活动吗?There’ll be a firework show after that at 8 o’clock in the evening. 晚上8点又焰火表演。Where is the best place to see that? 哪里看最好?Go to the minaret of Jama Masjid, you can have an open and wide view there.去贾玛清真寺里面的宣礼塔,那里视线最开阔。Is there any festival happening these days? 这些天这儿有什么节日吗?There is an Elephant Festival the day after tomorrow. 明天会有个大象节。

在博物馆:——————Now we are going to Sarnath Museum. Where is the ticket office? 售票处 The admission charge is only 5 Rs to everyone. 进门费每人5卢比It was closed 2 months ago, but it is now again open to public. 两个月前关闭了,现在再次向公众开放。It’s not allowed to touch the exhibits/objects勿触摸展品/物品 Extended opening hours during weekends 周末延长开放时间。Flash photograph is not permitted 不准用闪光灯拍照。Photography and video are not permitted inside the building 楼内不许拍照录像。Forthcoming exhibitions are the statues of Buddha in different countries即将展出的各国的佛像。Unemployed, disabled, students and children free 失业者,残疾人,学生和儿童免费。

八、腐败篇A Table for 4 please.我们要一张4个人的桌子。Excuse me, menu, please! 不好意思,菜单拿一下!(如果进去没人招呼)Order, please! 麻烦点单! What would you like to drink? 要喝点什么吗?I'll take a coke. 我要一听可乐 Can I have a glass of water,isn’t for free? 能给倒杯水吗,是免费的吗?May I take your order? 现在点单吗? "What would you like to order?" 您想点些什么呢?"Are you ready to order?" 准备好点单了吗?"Can I have a couple more minutes?" 请等一下 “Just a minute, please.” 等几分钟I’ll have the same. 我和他点一样的。It’s been 20 minutes, my order hasn’t come yet! 都20分钟了,我的菜还没上!Check, please! 麻烦买单!或是“Bill, please!” Can I pay by credit card? 我能用信用卡吗?Sorry, you can only pay by cash, but there’s an ATM around the corner. 对不起只能付现,但街角有个自动取款机。I’m afraid there’s a mistake here. 你这儿算错了吧。 May I have the receipt? 给我开张发票

还是再发些餐厅用语吧!What do you recommend? (有什么菜可以推荐的吗?) The seafood is good here. (我们店的海鲜很可口。)Do you have any local specialties? *local “这一地区的”,specialty “特色,特产”。 您这儿有什么地方风味吗? 我要一份牛排。 I'd like a steak. How would you like it?要几成熟的? 或者说How would you like it done?烤熟点。Well-done, please. rare三成,medium rare四成 medium “五成熟的,半成熟”,medium well 七成熟well-done “全熟的,八成熟”。 请做得清淡些。 Can you make it mild? 套餐里包括咖啡吗? Is coffee included with this meal? 请给我来一杯咖啡。 I'd like a cup of coffee, please. 您喝什么样的咖啡? How do you like your coffee? *这样询问是表示“咖啡里要加糖和牛奶吗?”Black will be fine.清咖,谢谢 Just sugar, please.只加糖 Just cream, please.只加奶With cream and sugar, please. (放牛奶和糖的。) How Would you like the egg? 鸡蛋您要怎么样的?蛋的回答方法是 1. Scramble 炒蛋 2. Sunny side up 只煎一面的荷包蛋, (这句话很有意思, 因为荷包蛋像太阳, 所以用 sunny side 来形容) 3, Sunny side down 二面都煎或是 ease over.白煮蛋的话也分二种, 一种叫 soft boil 一种叫 hard boil. 所谓的 soft boil 是指让蛋黄的部份还有点液体状, 而 hard boil 则是指整个的蛋黄都煮成固体状的。表示埋怨:这咖啡不够热。This coffee is not hot enough.This coffee is lukewarm. 面包没烤透。 This bread is soggy. *soggy “面包等没有烤透的”状态。

这土豆片变味了。 These potato chips are stale. *stale也可用来表示面包等“不新鲜”、“走味”、“有霉味的”。These potato chips are soft. 这牛奶酸了。 This milk is sour. This milk is sour. (这牛奶酸了。)I'll buy more today. (今天我再买点吧。) 这咖啡太苦了。 This coffee tastes bitter.

这肉太老。This meat is tough. This meat is tender. (这肉挺嫩。)

味很重。 This has a strong flavor. This has a weak flavor. (味道淡。) 太咸了。 It's too salty.

太油腻。 It's too greasy. It's too oily. 太烫了。 It's too hot. *语气上是“太烫了”。 It's too cold. (太凉了。)

我的嘴都麻了。 My mouth is burning. *吃了辣椒或芥末等辛辣的东西时。burn除了“燃烧”、“烧焦”以外,还有“嘴和舌头都麻木了”的意思。My mouth is on fire.

在麦当劳( Let's go to Micky D's)1. What can I get for you today?/ May I help you? 今天想吃点什么? 2. For here or to go? 要这里用还是外带?3. To go, one Big Mac with medium fries. 一个巨无霸和一份中袋薯条带走。4. For here, number one combo. 在这儿吃,一号套餐。套餐 (combo) 通常看著图片就知道几号是什么套餐, 点套餐时只要说 Combo number one, 或是 number one 就好了. 有时店员会问, Do you want to go large? 如果你需要, 他会给你大的薯条和可乐.5. What would you like to drink? 要喝点儿什么? 7. Can I refill it? 可以续杯吗? 九、闲聊/搭讪篇

一些small talk 闲聊的句子:Indians love to be photographed. It is beside the point that they will never see that photograph but they really want to have their photographs taken. 印度人喜欢被人照相,就算他们永远不会看到他们的照片,他们仍然很喜欢被拍照。What are you gonna do with it? 你打算怎么做?Excuse me, your name again?" I didn't catch your name. 能再说一次你的名字吗,我没记住。It’s nothing new, really. 没什么新意思,真的。I’m just curious to see what it’s truly like there. 我只是好奇想看看那边到底是个啥样.I’d love to learn firsthand about how diverse their culture is from ours. 我喜欢亲自体会和我们不一样的文化。

Everywhere you looked, there was a great picture. 看出去到处都是很好的风景照。I don’t care how awful my accent is or whatever. 我才不管我的口音啊什么的如何糟糕。This traffic is insane. 交通堵到疯It’s deserted. 很荒凉。 Do you feel weird? 你觉得奇怪吗?I can’t wait to be done with this guy. 我很想摆脱这个家伙。Why do I feel like we didn’t go the right way? 为什么我觉得我们没走对方向呢?We should just go back to that street we were on. 我们应该回到刚才我们呆的那条街。It was ridiculous. 岂有此理You’re going too much. 你也太那什么了。/你也太过分了。Don’t ever mistake my kindness for weakness. 不要把我的仁慈当成软弱。

常见搭讪的句子,其实很多时候微笑是最好的搭讪:)1) Hi, how are you? 招呼一下问候一声一般情况下陌生人见面打招呼常用“How do you do?”, 而”How are you?”也是常常问到的。大家给的回答大多是千篇一律的,”Fine, thank you, and you?”, 除了”Fine”, 我们还可以使用的回答有:”Grand! How about you? ” “Great!” “Cool!” “Good! Yourself?” “Not bad!” “Terrific!” “Just fine, thanks!” “Super!” “Very well!” “Fantastic!” “Can’t complain!” “ Couldn’t be better!”等等。2) Nice day, isn’t it? 今天是个好天气天气是初次见面时最保险的话题, 由于西方人注重自己的隐私,他们不愿意被人问及自己的年龄,收入,婚姻,所以天气成为最没有冒犯意思的破冰句(Weather is one of the least offensive topics of conversation)。我就曾经在伦敦的站台边碰到一个朝我微笑的英国帅哥,当我给他眼神回应时他问候我,“Nice day, isn’t it?” 很显然他不是在跟我询问天气状况,而是和我搭讪,所以如果当时回答“Yes, it’s sunny.”显然多么不合时宜。我答道 ”Yes, isn’t it! It’s rare to have such a nice day here in London!” 高级的回应不应该只是简单的一问一答,而是应该给对方留有继续话题的引子。 “ You’re right, always too changeable. How long have you been here?” 这样两个人的话题一直继续了下去。美国人搭讪喜欢用“I must have met you somewhere before!” “I think I know you from somewhere!” “Have we met somewhere before?”如果你头也不抬地回答,”Not possible!”就已经拒人于千里之外,使对话很难继续。而如果你回答,”Very likely, it’s my second time here.” “Doubtful, I just moved here from Shanghai.”这就给对方留下了继续对话的余地。3) Nice shoes! 赞美是人类最美的语言人人都喜欢被欣赏被赞美。以对方身上一件亮眼的东西作为破冰句也是很常见的。诸如:Nice suit! Nice hair! Nice bag! 等等。你只需表示谢意并辅作解释就是一个很好的回答。“Thanks, these are my favorite shoes; I just got it from my boy friend as my birthday gift!”4) Where're you from? 找到共同点,比如赞美一下这个国家你所熟悉的美好。 5) You’re not quite yourself, what’s up? 你脸色不怎么好,没事吧? 表示关怀6) Are you here alone? 一个人是很容易被捡的。7) What's your plan here? 问问对方的计划,说不定可以共同改进旅行方向。8) Can I join you? 如果是一个人,听到对方有好玩的地方要去,不妨加入,一般不大会被拒绝。9) What's your sign? 你是什么星座的?聊深了,星座也是很不错的话题。10)Do you need a hand? 看到别人拿很重的东西,走过路过帮把手。比如在飞机上看到一个漂亮mm, 行李太重,能帮把手把行李放到行李架上的男人太加分了。


搭讪女生在国外是很考验素质的活。你不需要有很强的话语能力,但必须有坚定地眼神和让人舒服的肢体语言。这对中国人而言是相对欠缺的,大都眼神游离,身体僵硬重心不稳。碰到这样的人美女的反应就是,“He totally turns me off."— 他让我完全没兴趣。所以有时候男生很有风度很淡定很自信的走过去,打声招呼,”Hi, how are you?" 已经很迷人了。然后主动报上名字,“I'm Jack , nice to meet you!" ,如果女生对你有兴趣,她就会主动报上芳名,”Hi, I'm Sabrina." 如果她没有告诉你名字,也不妨主动问问“Can I have your name, please?”搭讪女生跟搭讪一般人一样最重要的就是在每个句子中找个自己熟悉的切入点扯下去。所以这时你可以扯下名字,“Oh, that's a very beautiful name, like you" 这个女生一听到表扬肯定开心," You turn me on!" 他肯定觉得你人不错。 然后你就可以继续说,Sabrina, Maybe you wouldn’t believe, I don’t always do this, but you’re cute as hell!也许你不信,我不总这么说,但你实在可爱至极。如果你压根没听懂美女的名字,不要不懂装懂,因为在对话中,不出现名字也是中国人不受欢迎的原因之一。你可以说,”Excuse me, your name again?" " Oh, god, it's too charming word for me, I need write it down, can I have your signature?" 你的名字得写下来才记得住。然后聊聊国籍,聊聊爱好,扯扯最棒的经历,别忘了经常在句子里加上她的名字。我举个老外成功搭讪我的例子:我记得当时手里拿着地图迷路了。“Can I have a look at your map?” 是一个男人的声音,我回过头把地图递给他—一个帅气的韩国背包客,“You know where we are now?” 又是一个迷路的人。“I don’t know either, I’m lost, but it’s OK, and this map is a crap.”他正抓耳挠腮地看着那张让我抓狂的地图。“Ha-ha, I agree. You are traveling alone? (这就是在旅程中经常碰到的搭讪语, 他可以搞清楚自己有没有下手的机会,如果我告诉他有朋友一起,他自然会知趣离开, 如果我觉得这人可以一聊,不妨继续)”“Yep, why everybody asked that?”“Many people asked you that? Maybe because it’s not easy to travel alone.(这是他找到的切入点)”“Why?” “Even man need courage to travel alone, not to say a girl like you, you’re courageous!”这时他就会表扬我的勇气“I guess so. And you? You are traveling alone, too?”我也可以借此让对话继续“Yes, I’ve already stayed here for a month, how long you have stayed here?”他会进一步了解有没有机会可以同游“2 days. You’ve stayed here for a month? And you still get lost? Good for you!”如果我有兴趣,我可以问问他游了哪些地方,以备借鉴“No rush! I just get up late every morning, take a shower, then muck about, see one or two places, then have a couple of beers near the Jetty”他引出自己最喜爱的地方。“The jetty? Where?” 我顺势提问。我如果不问,他就会问” Have you ever been there?”“The Jetty, near the sea. Come, I show you.”他于是把我带到海边,当地人休闲的地方。“Can I buy you a drink or something?” 我能请你喝点什么吗?这是搭讪女生最常用到的句子。我们在那里喝啤酒聊天,呆了一下午。那里是我在那个陌生国度最美的经历之一。

Do you want to exchange numbers? 能留个电话吗?

十一、租车篇 ――――汽车Rent a car/ hire a car 一般是自己开,带司机的一般用charter a car.I want to rent a car. (hire a car) 我想租辆车 How many people do you have? 你们一共几个人 Six. 六个

Then you need a off-road van. 那你们需要一辆越野面包车 What model do you have? 你这儿有什么型号We only have one spare(空的) van, it’s Tata safari SUV. This is the high season, you know. Almost all of our cars have been reserved. 我们这儿只剩下一辆塔塔越野。现在是旺季,基本上我们的车全被订了。Can I take a look at the van? 可以看一下那辆车吗?Sure. This way, please. 当然,这边请 Is it in good condition? 它性能好吗?Definitely, it is in perfect condition. We don't allow even slight problems. When customers return them, we always have a thorough examination and give them good maintenance. You can have a test drive if you like. 当然,性能相当好。 我们不容许有一点小问题。每次客人把车还回来,我们都会彻底检查然后做维修和保养。 如果你愿意可以试驾。That’s great. 那太好了。Please give me your passport and driver's license, oh, good, here is the key. 护照和驾驶证,好的。 这是钥匙。Well, how do you feel? 怎么样?Not bad. The seats are comfortable as well. 不错,座椅也挺舒服。I’ve told you, this is No. 1 SUV in India. 我早说了,塔塔越野是印度排名第一的SUV.Ok, I’ll take this one. How much is the rent for this one? 好,就它了。 租金多少钱?Are you gonna drive by yourselves or with a driver? 您是要自己开呢还是我们配司机?We need a driver. 我们要配司机的。Then it’s 4000 Rupees per day. 4000卢比一天That’s too much. And this van is the last one; we don’t even have a choice. 贵,且你这是最后一辆,选都没得选。That’s not too much, it includes the insurance, the lease car charge, driver’s pay, repairing expenses , toll fee and gas, everything. How many days are you gonna charter it?这不算贵了。我们的价格包括保险,租车费,司机费,维修费,过路费,油费,所有全都包括了。 你们要租几天?8 days. 8天Ok, we give you 3000 Rs per day. 那好,给你们3000卢比一天It’s still too expensive, our budget is 2000. 还是贵,我们的预算是2000卢比一天。What’s your schedule? 你们行程怎么安排的?自行车Hi, I wanna rent a bicycle. 你好,我想租辆自行车。Sure, you wanna road bike or mountain bicycle? 你是想租普通的自行车还是山地自行车呢?(山地车还可以说 all-terrain bicycle)Women’s mountain bicycle, I gonna go to the forest. 女士山地车,我今天要去森林里。

How long you want to rent it? You can pay by the hour or pay by the day. 你要租多久呢?你可以按小时付费,也可以按天付费。 How much are they respectively? 那分别是多少钱啊?

10 Rs per hour, 100 Rs per day,that means 24 hours from now. 每小时10个卢比,一天是100卢比, 从现在算起24小时内都算一天。I’m gonna rent it for a day. 那我租一天Sure, you need to give me 1000 deposit for each mountain bike and you will get a full refund when you return it. 好的,每辆车你需要付1000卢比的押金,押金退车是全额返还。This is your receipt. 这是您的单据 Can I have a pickproof lock? 有防盗锁吗?Yes, sure, this is for free. Here you go, have a nice trip! 有的,这个是免费的,给您! 旅途愉快!

十二、意外篇Help, doctor! Help! I got bitten by a snake. 医生救命啊!我被蛇咬了!No worries, it’s not poisonous. 别担心,这是无毒的。We need to treat you with tetanus vaccine and antivenin immediately. 我们需要马上给你注射破伤风疫苗和抗蛇毒血清。Doctor! I got a bite from a dog. 我被狗咬了一口。You need an injection of rabies vaccine. 你需要马上注射狂犬疫苗I don’t feel well today. 我今天不舒服 What seems to be the problem? 你哪儿不舒服Are you running a fever/ have a temperature? 你发烧吗We need to take your temperature. 我们要给你量下体温How is your appetite? 你胃口怎样 I have indigestion. 我消化不良I feel dizzy. 我头晕 I feel like vomiting./ I feel sick. 我觉得恶心,想吐I have a sore throat. 我喉咙疼 I cough all the time. 我一直咳It’s been like these for three days. 我这样已经三天了 I’m suffering from chest pain. 我胸口疼My ears are ringing and my cheeks are burning. 我耳鸣,脸发烫 My toothache is killing me. 我牙疼得要命Don’t worry, it’s not serious. 别担心,不严重Please fill the form of registration card and pay for it. 请填一张挂号卡并缴费I feel short of breath these days. 我这些天感觉气短 We need to give you an x-ray. 我们需要给你找张X光片。When will I know the results? 什么时候能出结果? Half an hour after the examination. 检查之后半小时。


参加一日游的出海观光、潜水,我想知道团费中包含哪些服务和目的地。Hi, I wanna enter for a one-day cruise tour. Do you have any information about that? 你好,我想报名参加一日出海游,你有这方面的信息吗?Yes, we provide three different Day cruises, Stardust Day cruise, Eco Adventure Day cruise and Sunset dinner cruise, do you have anything special in mind?是的,我们这儿提供三种不同的一日游, 分别是梦幻一日游,生态冒险游和浪漫晚餐日落游,你有什么特别想法吗?Yes, I wanna the cruise with scuba diving courses and sightseeing. 我想参加有潜水和观光项目的一日游。What do you provide in this cruise tour? Would you introduce that to me? 里面有什么节目和安排?介绍一下。That sounds perfect, how much is that? 听起来不错,多少钱啊?It’s 325 ringgits for an adult and 125 for a child. 成人325马币,小孩125一个人。Oh, it’s not cheap, is everything included? 不便宜,所有东西都包含在内了吗?No, you have to pay for the lunch. 不,午饭不包括 How much is that? 午饭多少钱一个人?Ok, I’ll think about it and come back. 我再回去考虑一下再回来。



世界各国的出入境表格可以说是大同小异,最基本的信息如下:Immigration and Naturalization Service   移民局

Arrival Record   入境記录 1. Family Name ( Capital letter)   1. 姓氏 (大写)2. First (Given) Name   2. 名字3. Birth Date (Day/Month/Year)   3. 生日 (日/月/年)4. Country of Citizenship/ Nationality of passport holder   4. (护照持有人)国籍 (Chinese)5. Sex/ Gender (Male or Female)   5. 性別 (男性或女性)6. Passport Number and kind   6. 护照号码和种类7. Airline & Flight Number   7. 航空公司和航班8. Country Where You Live/country of residence   8. 您在哪個国家居住/居住国9. City Where You Boarded   9.搭乘飞机的城市10. City Where Visa Was Issued   10.签证签发城市11. Date Issued (Day/Month/Year)   11. 取得签证的日期(日/月/年)12. Address While in the xxx (Number and Street)/ Accommodation   12. 在某国的住址 (门牌号及街名)13.Last city / Port of boarding/ Port of Embarkation 13. 上一个到达城市/ 出境地14.Country to get off the flight/next city/ Port of disembarkation 14. 下一站到达国家/城市15. Your Occupation 15. 您的职业16. Your intended length of stay 16. 计划停留时间17. Main Reason/ purpose of coming to.. 17. 来我国的主要原因/目的18. Holiday or tourism/ business/ education/ employment 18. 度假/商务/学习/工作/转机/ / transit/ conference/ visit friends or relatives/ medical treatment 会议/探望朋友家属/ 就医19. First time in the country ? 19. 是否第一次到我国20. Your signature 20. 您的签名  


(一)出入境卡的填写 (二)联系接机从尼泊尔机场到塔梅尔(Tamel)地区的出租费用为250–300尼泊尔卢比(接下来简称尼比),但刚到机场很难讲到这个价格。机场的Pre-paid Taxi (预付出租)则要550尼比,而且兑换率只有1:9,低得很。Do you provide free pick-up service? 你们提供免费接机服务吗? No, you need to pay 400 Rupees for that. 不, That's too expensive, give me lower price. 那太贵了,给我便宜点儿。OK, the lowest pick-up fee is 250 Rs for a couple to live in my hotel. 如果你们有两个人住,接机费是250卢比。But I'm alone. 可我是一个人。 Yes, so pick-up fee is more expensive. 所以接机费就贵。Give me the lowest price, otherwise I'll have to try another hotel. 给我最低价,不然我就试试其他客栈。OK, ok then, tell me your flight number, time of arrival and your name, our driver will be waiting at Arrival Exit with your name on our sign. 行行行,告诉我你的航班号,到达时间和名字,我们的司机会拿着有你名字的标牌在到达出口等候。

(三)咨询办理进山证以下信息适用于ABC, EBC和郎当徒步路线。其他线路不是很清楚。上ABC需要两个证:进山证和环保证。英文分别是:Entry permit 和 TIMS ( Trekkers’ Information Management System徒步者信息管理系统)。环保证有蓝色和绿色。持蓝色环保证( 团体徒步者注册证)的为使用当地导游和背夫的团体或个人(Group Trekker/s),持绿色环保证的为自己背包的独行侠(FIT–Free Individual Trekker).个人办证需本人持护照和两张寸照亲自到NTB(Nepal Tourism Board旅游委员会)或TAAN(Trekking Agents Association of Nepal 徒步旅游业委员会)办理。找一家正规的加盟了TAAN的徒步旅行公司,付些手续费(通常是100卢比每人)就可以办妥。或者自己直接前往NTB或TAAN办理。在加都的NTB地址:通迪凯儿广场东侧 (Tundikhel) 的Bhrukuti Mandap 大街上。电话:4256909 在博卡拉的NTB地址:大坝区( Pardi 或称 Dam Side) 也称南湖滨区( south of the Lake Side.)Excuse me, do you know where I can get the Entry Permit and TIMS? 请问在哪儿可以弄到进山证和环保证?You can go to the NTB, and there is an ACAP office there, you can also get traveling information there.你可以去尼泊尔旅游委员会,那里有个ACAP 办公室( Annapurna Conservation Area Project 安娜普尔纳保护区项目办公室),你可以在那儿办证,还可以拿到旅行信息。Where is NTB? 尼泊尔旅游委员会在哪儿啊? It’s in Bhrukuti Mandap Street. 在Bhrukuti Mandap 大街上。I’d like to get the permits and TIMS for my group, where can I handle it? 我办进山证和环保证,请问在哪儿办?You can go to the Entry Permit Counter on your left side for the permits and the ACAP office opposite for the TIMS.在你左手边的进山证柜台办理进山证,对面的ACAP办公室办环保证。How many people are there in your group? 你们组几个人? Seven. 七个Then you need to provide your agent’s name and telephone number. 那你需要提供旅行中介的名字和电话。Yes, Nakul, 9814555123.Where are you going? 你们打算去哪儿徒步啊? We’re going trekking to ABC. 去ABC. Your group members’ passports and two one-by-one inch photos, pls. 请给我你们组员的护照和寸照两张。Here you go. 给你。The Entry Permit is 2000 Rupees each and TIMS is 10 USD each. So 2700 Rupees for each person, then, seven people, altogether, it’s 18,900 Rupees, please. 进山证是2000卢比一个人,环保证是10美金一个人。每个人2700卢比,7个人一共18900卢比。

(四)订车I want to rent a car. (hire a car) 我想租辆车 How many people do you have? 你们一共几个人 Seven. 七个Then you need a off-road van. 那你们需要一辆面包车How much is that from Kathmandu to Pokhara? 从加都到博卡拉多少钱? 15$ each. 15美金一个人。It’s a little expensive, can you give us lower price? 有点贵,能便宜一点吗?This is a very nice and spacious Toyota Van and you can put all your luggage in it. 这个丰田面包车很好很宽敞,你们所有的行李都可以放进去。Yes, but the market price is 12$ each. 市场价是12美金一个人。No, not possible, 15$ is the lowest price, you need 500 Rupees for the local bus and that’s slow and dirty and crowded. 不可能,15美金是最低价了,坐本地巴士你都要500卢比呢,而且本地巴士又脏又挤又慢。How long will it take to get us to Pokhara? 到博卡拉要多长时间?Six hours, local bus will take you at least 8 hours,not including the traffic jam. 6小时,坐本地巴士要至少8小时, 还不包括塞车。Can we stop by Gorkha on the way? 那我们中途能在Gorkha停留一下吗?How long you wanna stay in Gorkha? 你们打算停多久? Two hours. 两小时OK, I can wait for you. 那行,我可以等你们。OK, then come to pick us up at 7 sharp tomorrow morning in this lobby, don’t be late, ok? 好,明天早上7点整到宾馆大堂接我们,不要迟到,好吗?Sure, see you tomorrow. 当然, 明天见!

(五)请背夫和导游在尼泊尔徒步找向导和背夫最好通过有资质的旅行社找有导游证的向导或是有来历的背夫。这样出了问题能有说理的地儿。但旅行社会从背夫费中抽取部分佣金。一切谈妥后最好立字为据。在尼泊尔特别是大山之中碰到的人大多英文不好,所以交流从简,切忌用长句,吃力不讨好容易造成误会We’re looking for some porters. 我们想找几个背夫。 Do you need a guide? 你们要导游吗?No, just porters. 不,只要背夫。(导游会英文可以介绍大山,背夫只负责背,会简单的词汇;所以价格也相差两三倍。)Where are you going? 你们要去哪儿? ABC.What’s your route?你们的路线是什么? Do you have a map? 你有地图吗?From here—Khare up to ABC and come back to Chomrong, then go to Poon Hill through Tadapani, then back through this route to Nayapul.从这儿–Khare直上ABC, 然后从ABC回到Chomrong, 再经Tadapani到Poon Hill, 后回到这条线走到Nayapul.Then you need at least 10 days. 那你们需要至少10天。We decide how many days we need. How much is a porter for one day? 我们需要多少天。一个背夫多少钱一天?15 US dollars. 15美金。 No, that’s too expensive, what’s the lowest price? 那太贵了, 最低什么价?How many porters do you need? 你们要几个? We have seven people, I guess 3 or 4. 一共7个人,要3到4个。At least 4. 至少要4个。Ok, 4, how much is that. 行,那就4个,多少钱? 14 US dollars. 14美金。No, this is the deal, we give each of them 12 US dollars for each day not including (exclude) the tips. But we’ll decide how many days we need, which guest house we’ll stay and what food we gonna eat.不行,我们每天给每个背夫12美金还不包括最后的小费。我们自己决定我们需要的天数,自己决定住哪家客栈,吃什么。Will you take care of what they eat? 你们管他们的伙食?No, they take care of their own food and accommodation by themselves. OK? 他们自己解决吃住,如何?

How you gonna pay? 你们怎么付款?We pay 10% in advance, and pay the rest to them directly after the whole trip.我们可以先预付10%, 剩下的整个旅程结束后直接给他们。(六)山里住店

Hi, Do you have rooms available? 你们有空房吗? How many rooms do you need? 你们要几间?We have three men and four ladies, so three double and one single.三个男的,四个女。三个双人房,一个单人房。We only have two double rooms, one 4-bed room, is that ok? 我们只有两个双人房和一间四张床的房了,可以吗?How much is the room? 房价多少?200 Rupees for the double and 300 for the big one. 双人房一间200卢比,四人房300卢比。No, that’s too expensive, we saw many guest houses much cheaper than this. 50 for each room and we eat here, is that ok? 那太贵了,我们看见很多便宜得多的客栈。50卢比一间房,我们在这儿吃饭,怎样?Everyone eat here? 所有人都在这儿吃吗?Yes, everyone eat here, but do you have hot bath? 是的,所有人都在你这儿吃,但你们这儿可以洗热水澡吗?Yes, but that’s 150 Rupees for each person. 可以,但要150卢比一个人。Is that really stable and hot water? 是真正稳定的热水吗? Yes, we use gas. 是的,我们烧天然气的。Can I try it? 我可以试一下吗?Sure. 当然Ok then, 50 for each room, 150 each for the hot bath and battery charge for free, ok? 那行,50一间房,三间150,然后洗澡一人150,电池充电免费好吗? Haha, ok ok then. 哈哈,那好吧。


航站、终点站:Terminal 入境大厅:Arrival Lobby 出境大厅:Departure Lobby

登机门号码:Gate Number 登机证:Boarding Card,Boarding Pass

机场税:Airport Tax 登机手续办理处:Check in Counter

海关申报处:Customs Service Area 货币申报:Currency Declaration

免税商品:Duty-Free Items 大号:large;中号:medium;小号:small

纪念品:Souvenir 行李:Baggage,Luggage 托运的行李:Checked baggage

行李领取处:Baggage claim area

随身行李:Carry-on baggage 行李牌:Baggage Tag 行李推车:Luggage Cart

退税处:Tax-free refund 盥洗室(厕所):Lavatory,washroom,toilet

使用中:Occupied 空闲:Vacant 男(女)空服员:Steward(Stewardess)

机内免税贩卖:In-Flight Sales


姓:Family name,Surname 名:First Name,Given name 性别:sex,gender

男:male;女:female 国籍:nationality,country of citizenship

护照号:passport number 航班号:Flight number

原住地:country of origin 前往国:destination country

登机城市:city where you boarded

签证签发地:city where visa was issued

签发日期:date of issue 出生日期:date of birth,birth date


偕行人数:accompanying number 签名:signature

官方填写:official use only 职业:occupation

护照:Passport;签证:Visa 登机、启程:Embarkation

登岸:Disembarkation 商务签证:Business Visa 观光签证:Tourist Visa


外币兑换店:Currency Exchange Shop 汇率:Exchange rate 旅行支票:Traveler's check

手续费:Commission 银行买入价:We buy(Bid) 行卖出价:We sell(Ask)


入住登记手续:Check-in 客房服务:Room Service 退房(时间):Check Out(Time)

前台:Front Desk,Reception 酒店大堂:Lobby 咖啡馆:Coffee shop


电话叫醒服务:Wake Up Call,Morning Call 餐厅在那儿?:Where is the dining room?

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